“Control the Control Room” 

Mastering Music Production Through the Art Of Sound, Mind and Hustle.
“Without Hustle, Talent Will Only Get You So Far” – Gary V.

Welcome to Alchemix440, where we ditch the melodrama and get straight to the heart of what it takes to be a successful music producer and engineer in the modern recording industry. 

A440 is the ONLY course that will teach you step by step how to seamlessly blend your technical skills with mindset and leadership skills, then tie it all together with how to build your business. 

No other online learning centers (MWTM, Puremix, etc), or recording schools and Institutes offer this type of training or resources. 

I’ve Got Street Cred… 

Go Ahead, Google Me

Joe Marlett

What Alchemixers Say About A440

  • This is NOT another course about mixing, plugins and DAW’s

  • I’m not selling snake oil or promising overnight success

  • There is no ‘Fast Track’ in this business. ONLY lots of hard work and hours and hours of practice.

  • BUT – I will promise you one thing… this course will absolutely change your life

  •  Native Apps for Apple and Android.. Plus web app for easy access not matter where you are

What Is Alchemix440? 

“Controlling The Control Room.”

In this course, you’ll….

  • Enhance Your Technical Prowess:

    Because in this digital age, you can’t just press buttons and hope for the best. We dive into the technical trenches, arming you with the skills to make your productions as polished as your grandma’s silverware.

  • Unlock Your Creative Genius:

    Let’s face it, the music industry is like a rollercoaster, and you need more than a strong stomach to ride out the highs and lows. Learn proven techniques that includes a mindset cocktail of, ‘I got this’ attitude with a twist of resilience, a shot of creativity, garnished with confidence and swagger to help you thrive in the face of every challenge, that will propel your career forward.

  • tBuilding Your Business:

    Last but certainly not least, we tackle the often overlooked, but crucial aspect of the business itself. Because passion alone won’t pay the bills. I’ll guide you through the intricacies of turning your musical passion into a sustainable career, exploring topics like; marketing, branding and navigating the business side of the industry, without losing your soul. 

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In music production, adversity is our hidden muse. It’s in the imperfect takes, the technical hiccups, and the creative blocks where we discover our true potential.  Every setback is a chance to redefine our journey. 

BUT… I didn’t know that when I first started out. I struggled BIG TIME. Gigs were few and far between, and even after I had some success, it was always fleeting.  

Everything changed the day I realized that:

Having Technical Skills Was Only Half The Battle.

  • Anyone can learn how to use an EQ and a compressor.
  • Anyone can learn proper micing techniques.
  • Wanna know what frequency an instrument lives in? Google it!
  • Wanna know how to sidechain a compressor? Google it!

That’s the easy part.

Those producers and engineers are a dime a dozen.

I knew I had to offer something different…I knew I had to prove that my value was more than just knowing how to twist a few knobs.
I had to stand out and rise above the competition. I had to develop my own way of working with artists that was both collaborative and memorable.
In other words, I HAD to become irreplaceable.

If this sounds like you, then Alchemix440 IS your solution. Becoming a master in any field often involves applying psychological principles to enhance your skills and performance. This course is your key to becoming a master of music production, by providing you with the tools to harness the power of psychology, and excel with the mindset of a true professional.



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You Will Never Go Broke Investing In Yourself

Let’s Break It All Down

What You’ll Get:

  • A440 6 week course, “Controlling The Control Room”, with over 30 course videos, bonus videos, downloadable PDF’s, and guided videos with incentives to keep you accountable and on point.
  • Instant access to the weekly group mentoring sessions, “Between The Speakers” with me personally.. this is not a bait and switch. I am there live on zoom each week, and you will be able to submit topics you’d like to discuss and can ask questions in real time. Group sessions are uploaded to the app each week and can be accessed at any time, in case you miss a session. 
  • The A440 Course is accessible through a web app, and phone apps are also available on the Apple and Google App Stores. Watch in your studio, or on the go… 
  • In app Producers chat messaging. Get to know your peers and DM me personally.
  • One on One Mentoring Sessions available only to A440 Members 
  • LIFETIME access to all content. That’s right, you can go back and review any of the days in the course and all of the content that’s on the app. Forever. Forever, Ever? Forever, EVER? Yes! Forever. (Thanks Outkast!)

Knowledge is potential. Applying that knowledge is power. And understanding how and when to apply that knowledge is wisdom.

Are You Ready For Wisdom?

Can’t wait to see you on the Weekly Group Sessions!

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Studies have shown that only about 15% of a person’s ability to earn income, is based on their ‘technical’ knowledge… which means that 85% is based on their ability to effectively lead. The human engineering.

I believe a great Producer must be able to lead. That is why I designed this course… to walk you through, step by step, the fundamentals to getting inside the mind of the Producer and Artist, and how we think.

The main purpose of Alchemix, is to understand the human side of producing. I am offering this to get into the 85%.. the human engineering. But, I do offer up tips, tricks and recording techniques.

Besides… MWTM and Puremix has amazing content focusing on that part of recording! 

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Yes, there are two types of mentoring available. Weekly group mentoring sessions, “Between The Speakers”, and Monthly 1:1.

Mentoring benefits include:

  1. Knowledge and Experience
  2. Skill Development
  3. Networking
  4. Personal Growth and Support
  5. Confidence Boost
  6. Accountability
  7. Constructive Feedback
  8. Perspective and Guidance
  9. Increased Motivation
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Alchemix440 is more than a course, it’s a philosophy. It’s about understanding the mindset, that we as Producers and Engineers need to have, in order to help the artists discover their true potential.

“Inception” is the ability to embed an idea in an artist’s mind, which allows them to take ownership of it. This means bringing your ideas to studio becomes much easier. 

Watch this clip on how I used “Inception” in a session, which then became the starting point for Alchemix440.

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